The Polyurethane foam contained within this product complies with the requirements of schedule 1 part 1 of the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire)(Safety) regulations 1988 amended. 1989,1993.

This stringent flammability standard is mandatory for domestic furtiture in the UK. Studies indicate that compliance to this standard saves 54 lives per year and also saves £140 million for the economy.

The additives used to comply with this standard may give rise to a slight odour arising from freshly produced mattresses. If this should occur, please remove all packaging and store in a well ventilated room for 48 hours.

Thorough health assessments have been carried out on the substances which can contribute to odour and have provided clear reassurance that they do not constitute any risk to health

Polyurethance foam has an excellent record when used as a mattress filling and is not a hazardous article.

In addition,Vitafoam are accredited by the European Foam Manufacturers Association EUROPUR with the Healthy safety and Environmental Certificate CERTIPUR.This ensures that foam products are manufactured by Vitafoam according to the highest standards.

Note: This statement relates only to the polyurethance components of this mattress and not to odours generated from any other parts or processes.